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Your encouragements and kindness give us so much energy to keep faith that we want to save a memory of your touching words.

Some beautiful messages we received

  • I’m writing to express our heartfelt thanks to the dance coaches in dancenter, specifically to Mr Minh and Mr John where our 2 children, E. and E. have attended classes with them. We are very impressed with their dedication and professionalism, imparting really good standard dance skills to these kids, even during such a “weird, unprecedented” times. The coaches were still able to keep that very positive spirit during the lockdown when conducting zoom classes. What came as a surprise to us during the observation session is, the students were still able to deliver such impressive dance rehearsals even when they didn’t have much time to practise. We believed that this would not have been possible if it’s not because of your strong  leadership and your deep passion in your business. You understand how the coaches and parents feel and doing your best to keep the centre going, taking new challenges and explore alternatives. Thank you for all that you have done. Warmest Regards,

    I. W.
  • Dear Dancenter, First and foremost I would like to thank you for your proactive and communicative approach to managing the Covid-19 period. The school has done a really commendable job of managing the situation, finding ways to continue to provide learning opportunities to the students and keeping everyone informed. Thank you for all the efforts that you have made! My daughter F. R. (Acro, Mr. John) has really enjoyed the acro class, certainly in person, but also online and it is great to see her enthusiasm each week. She would be interested to take part in some of the summer activities, so I would kindly like to request her vouchers. Again, thank you for your work to keep our kids active, healthy and learning. With kind regards,

    D. R.
  • Wonderful news. Thank you so very much for providing such excellent online teaching, and excellent communication during this very challenging time. Your efforts have all so appreciated. My daughters can’t wait to return next week!

  • Dear Dance Center Good Morning. Thank you for your email. ... N. is enjoying online class. Thank you so much for organizing this activities! Ms. Leila has been wonderful teacher, cheer all children up and even this hard situation. N. can't wait to go back to dance center. Thank you again, Best Regards,

    N. H.
  • Dear Ms. Nhung and Dancenter Team,   I just wanted to thank you for this reminder email. Last last week we were busy but finally got to try your online lesson on Friday and Saturday. I suppose our daughter Eri is still learning how to work with an online lesson, but both Eri and I had fun exercising. It makes me realize that physical activity is inherent and essential to physical and emotional health. We’re looking forward to the next lessons!   Please stay safe. Praying that the situation will be ameliorated very soon.   Kind regards,

  • Dear Linh and Dancenter team, Thank you for the great work you have been doing, making our children happy and always getting more and more confidence which is the most important for their self construction. I understand how it must be difficult for you all not to handle the dance classes, and we do appreciate your efforts to make the virtual classes which is a great job and really please to our kids. I understand your situation and concerns as a company, hence of course I will not ask for any compensation, credit or semester I have paid, as the teachers must be paid no matter that this is an exceptional circunstance. We all do our best to help each others. Thank you again for the great job you all have done and I wish our kids could come back to the real class very soon. Please take care of yourselves all.

    L. B.
  • Thank you Ms Leila and Ms Alexa, my daughter  loves your online classes and she can’t wait to see you for her next classes! Also, I’m impressed how fast Dancenter adapt since the beginning of the Covid19 situation. Bravo!

    Ms R.
  • At first my son did not want to join the zoom class and I really had to encourage him to try! As soon he “met” Mr Minh and his dance mates, he was so happy and he danced along during all class! I know my son… he will again complain before next week class but I know he will be so happy doing it after! Thank you Mr Minh and Dancenter team for helping us to keep our children connected! Great Job!

  • Dearest Linh, I am T., mother of F. […] I am writing to you today to express my understanding and appreciation to your proposal to compensate. No one wants this pandemic as its impact on the global in all aspects. More or less, everyone is suffering the loss. So, in my personal opinion, I would like to not look for the refund. I would like to contribute this to help cover the expenses for Dancenter during this difficult period. Keep going! You and me! Let's try together! We must not fall and not give up! I will go with all your decisions, for our Dancenter. I wish that this pandemic will soon be over and everything will be back to normal. Regards,

  • Dear Linh, hope you and family are all well. Thanks for everything you, the team and the teachers are doing for everyone at this difficult time. We really appreciate it. You have our full support in whatever you feel it’s right for DC. (We will not be seeking any refund). Take care. See you soon x

  • Bravo Linh for your decision ! You have all our support ! Please stay strong!

    T. & Y.
  • Dear Linh, Thank you for this email. It is a difficult time for all of us and J. and I would like to say we completely support the Dancenter in their decision. Disappointing, yes. But we know it is a decision that was inevitable given the closure of schools. In fact it was amazing you stayed open for the extra few weeks. We are trying very hard to keep the boys stretching and to do some dance but their routines are ‘all over the place’. If possible maybe the teachers can send a video with some dance moves to practise. All the best and we will hopefully all be dancing again soon.

  • Thank you very much for all efforts you are making. This email is very positive and encouraging. Thank you. […] Thank you again.  

  • Hi Linh and teachers! At a time where all schools are struggling to put in place the best homeschooling for their students, our dance school is trying to do the same! Wahou!! I am impressed and just wanted to say thank you! For trying, adapting, and not giving up. We will be there, online.

    C. A
  • Thanks for your email Linh.  We all understand how difficult things are at this time and appreciate your honesty and transparency. Best wishes

    L. (C.'s Mum)
  • Good Morning Linh, [….] I am sure that H. is following the weekly videos. That is very thoughtful of Miss Sabra and Miss Leila and is typical of the spirit of Dancenter. I wish you all good health and my wish is that we all come through these difficult times together. We will appreciate even more our activities when this situation has blown over. Look after yourself Linh.

    J. B.
  • Thank you once again for your email and keeping us informed. As a family we support all of the decisions that you are making in these unpredictable and frustrating times. They are not easy decisions to make and understandably heart wrenching. We do not require reimbursement as we understand that this is out of your control and that you still have staff to support and bills to be paid. Thanks for doing a wonderful job and always putting our children first. […] Kind regards

    B&B W. Parents of L.
  • Dear Team, Thank you for your letter and thank you for the great idea to give the students the opportunity to dance at home! I personally don’t expect any (financial) compensation. This situation is challenging for all of us and this is a “force majeure” situation. Thank you again for your offer and I hope that the majority of your students and their families will be supportive as I think the most important thing is to see our kids dancing again in your center asap!! Good luck and take care. Warm regards,

  • Great initiative the videos thanks Linh and the team!! Difficult times for all. Many thanks for your constant information and I hope this won't last too long. Regards,

    Y. D
  • Hi Dancenter team, Thank you for the email.  Please do not refund fees for N.. We understand this is not anybody’s fault.  The teachers need their salaries too. Thank you for your imparting high quality dance class. Kind regards,

  • Dear Linh, We would like to express our appreciation for the great learning opportunity that you provided for our daughter. […] We are glad that you are getting advance of technology to continue motivating your students, so we will share with her your weekly dance training. Our family understand that at this difficult time we need to be together and support each other. We would like to contribute to the stability of the school and wellness of the staff by not claiming any refund for the class fee. We wish you and your team all the best,

    T& W.
  • Hi, Thanks for your email. I just wanted to say that the online lessons the teachers have made for the kids are absolutely fantastic- thank you all so much. K. and I. were so happy to “see” their teachers and enjoyed their ballet and tap “online” lessons today.

  • Hello Dancenter team, Do not worry about us, we are ok with your compensation plan. H. misses the classes, students and teachers so much... Hopes to see you soon. We wish Dancenter a long life!

  • Good luck friends, we are all with you, understand and support your decision. Love

  • Good morning, we would like to thank you for your update letter. We totally understand your position and the financial situation. We support you since few years and will continue. We cross the fingers hoping the show could be settled this year. Thanks also to your teacher for their video to help the students practicing. See you soon and take care.

    L. R
  • Dear Dancenter, I just received the mail and I understand your situation and concerns. I know em we are all doing our very best and off course we must support each other. Of course I will not ask any compensation/ credit for the semester I’ve payed, because this are exceptional times and teachers must be payed. Many thanks Kind regards,

  • Dear Dancenter team, We understand your problems with covid-19 and respect your efforts to maintain the dance lessons that's why we don't ask to return the training fee. Thank you.

    S. Family
  • Thanks very much Dancenter Team. Thats great!

  • Thank you Hi there This is an awesome idea! S. will definitely join the classes on Zoom. […] Many thanks

    T. C.

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