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What our friends say

  • « After several years of not dancing, Dancenter brought me the freedom and enthusiasm to really love dance again. »

  • « Dancing has been part of my life since I was 4 years old when I started ballet lessons. I cannot imagine what I would do if Dancenter was not here to feed my need! Besides the dancing, the camaraderie with the teachers and fellow dancers, the excitement of the annual show, the magnificence that is UDG, all make the Dancenter experience a valuable part of my life here in HCMC. »

    Heather Dinwiddie
  • « I like dance because I like to see the aesthetic of the moves and the emotion they give, it’s more like an art than a sport. I like seeing what a body can do creating movements on music. I like dancing because it’s an escape for me, when I dance I forget everything, I focus on my body work (muscles, emotion, coordination). You have fun and exercise at the same time. My first class was in 2004 Jazz with miss Linh. It was tough, challenging but the class was great, the teacher very good and professional, encouraging me to continue. Dancenter is a great school, everyone is here to enjoy dancing and there is very good atmosphere. I met very nice people there. When I started dancing at Dancenter, I could not imagine to go on stage, but I did about 6-7 shows, it is an amazing experience (backstage, costumes, energy, applauses…) Find your style (Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Flamenco…) try many classes and then you can choose what you like the most. My kids also are learning dance at Dancenter and there are really enjoying it. Can’t wait to see them on stage this May! »

  • « My first dance class was Contemporary with Mr. John. I had no idea what’s contemporary that time. I really like it because it’s new to me and carries a profound meaning. Contemporary transfer lithe movements to rhythm and also creates impression at the part I like most in each song.»

    Lê Kim Phụng
  • « DCR = Family #bestdanceschool »

  • « I’ve planned to stay in Vietnam 6 months. It’s been 15 years because of Linh and Dancenter. The best dance memories were born here. Thank you! »

  • « Happy Birthday lovey Dancenter. Life keeps moving so shall we! Thank you for creating a home for ALL OF US! Here’s to 10 MORE YEARS. Love »

  • « Whenever dancing, I think of Dancenter! »

    Trần Hương Lan
  • I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the teachers and staff at the Dancenter for the incredible job that you do throughout the year and for the amazing End of Year Show. It was truly spectacular. We have been at Dancenter now for 3 years and this year’s show was by far the best! I loved the new theatre, it really pushed up the professionalism of the show. All the costumes were beautiful, the lighting and sound were excellent. It was also lovely that you provided snacks and refreshments. I also noticed that you turned down the music so we could hear the tap dancers this year too. 🙂 Of course I loved the Acro performance by my daughter Sophie’s class and I really liked being able to see some of the little ones perform. They were so cute! A real stand out to me though was the slow Hip Hop performance by Mr Minh’s Advanced Hip Hop Loneliness in Space. What a wonderfully unique take on traditional hip hop. Thoroughly enjoyed watching it! Unfortunately I did not get the chance to watch the Love Love Love Show but will hopefully be able to watch the adult performances next year. Thanks again.

    Michelle Preston
  • « Before I came to Dancenter, I haven't danced for 40 years so I was so nervous and regretted that I came to learn a dance. However after taking class, I felt happy and realized that "I love dancing!!" Teachers of Dancenter always teach me not only technique but also how express feelings and emotions through dance. »

    Etsuko Soma
  • « Best Dance School Ever! Great teaching, amazing teachers and atmosphere. We are lucky to have DC in Saigon! »

    Lisa Auligny
  • «I started dancing at Dancenter a few years ago and now I can’t live without it. Thank you for changing my life as well as so many others! Lots of Love. »

    Thao Tran
  • « Great emotions seeing our kids dancing. The perfect school with perfect teacher.»

    Tâm & Yannick
  • « Ana’s dancing experience started a few years ago with Ms Lydia & Ms Rosie… since then, with every year she wishes to join one more style! Lucky we can choose between Ballet, Hip-hop, Jazz, Tap, Acro, Zumba…. So lucky that we choose them all. We value Dancenter as team of professional dancers, passionate to teach and to innovate in every class. We appreciate also the safe environment and prompt communication with the Admin team. The cherry is the Annual Show in May – well-organized, a creative exercise every year! Very happy that you are here, Dancenter!»

    Raluca & Christoph Gilles, Ana’s parents
  • « I’ve been dancing with Dancenter for more than 10 years, and each year keeps getting better and better. DC was for me an escape from any daily problem and a way to express myself in the best way. DC is a second home that helped grow into the person and dancer I am today. Unfortunately, I must say goodbye to my home and continue growing elsewhere. But Dancenter will forever remain rooted in me. Much love to the staff and teachers. »

  • « Dancenter has always been a place where I can express myself freely and let off some steam. Every week, I look forward to forgetting about all the stress and dedicating myself to dance. This can't be done alone, that's why I think it is necessary to thank all the hard-working teachers that take the time to ensure that you have the steps and are enjoying the class. I have chosen to stick with Dancenter throughout these past 10 years because we have created a bond, a community that only exists with the Dancenter teachers, dancers and staff.»

    Maria Kouteili
  • « I remember I decided to try my first class at Dancenter, after I saw the show in 2012. It was so beautiful and there were a lot of adults class performances. So, I did it, but it wasn't easy for me at the beginning as I was 13 years without dance in my life. But it just took some months and I was back in shape again and really happy with the results. I think the dance class doesn't help just your body to be fitter, but also your mind. »

    Adriene Puget
  • « My first class at Dancenter was like a new page in my life. I could hardly follow the steps, it was tough. However, I found other students so motivated and enjoying the class. So, I said to myself, I want to feel the same way.»

    Ani Petrova
  • « We thoroughly enjoyed our wedding dance lessons with Leila, and it ended up being a massive highlight on our big day. People still speak to us about it saying how brilliant and unexpected it was! We had a rough idea of what we wanted and discussed it with Leila before our first lesson. She even helped us with some song suggestions! She then choreographed our dance, adding a bit on each week, and changing any bits we weren't as comfortable with. Overall, it was a great experience and we're really glad we opted to go down the choreographed route for our wedding dance, and Leila was a great teacher! We had lots of fun learning the dance and lots of fun performing it for our family and friends.»

    Faith Livesey

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