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How much space does my dancer need at home?

We recommend cleaning a 2mx2m space for your dancer. You’d be surprised by how much dancing we can do in a small area.

What about for tap class? I don’t have a hardwood floor.

Kitchen floors and hardwood floors are suitable for tap dancing. Make sure to have your dancer get familiar with their dancing surface so they know how slippery it is. If you aren’t comfortable with your dancer wearing their tap shoes inside, they can wear indoor shoes (or slippers) and make sounds with their feet without tap shoes.

What technology do I need to make this work?

We recommend a computer/laptop setup or a tablet with audio functionality. Dancers are required to be on camera. Dancers will have the chance to speak with their teacher and class at the start and end of class.

What does Acro class look like virtually?

It is very clear that we will be unable to work on our acro tricks (especially without trained faculty there to spot and make corrections). Instead, we will be focusing on hard conditioning the body. The exercises performed virtually will easily be combined in class once we return to improve or complete those tricky moves we have been working on this year. For all student’s safety, this is the best solution for our acro students. The results will be outstanding with very little space needed (and a yoga mat if you have one).

My children dance at the same time, and I only have one device. What do I do?

We are able to transfer one of your dancers to the same class but at a different time so both of your dancers can experience the benefits of virtual dance classes!

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