Body Approach with Alexis Jestin

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“Discovering our inner flow through movement approach”

Body Approach with Alexis Jestin
12.01 & 19.01.2019
5:30 – 7:30 PM
350.000vnd/ 1 workshop


About Body Approach:

At the beginning of the session we will start by laying on the floor in order to take conscience of the relationship between our inner volumes and space.
The thematic will emphasize on the different volumes composing our body, how it interacts with the space ,and how the in-between space finds a relationship with the notion of full 3 dimensional space.

Through all the session, the notion of full density space will be the milestone. Introducing a concept of opened and closed doors will slowly put us into an organic motion. A fluid flow will appear from the spine and will guide us into standing and into space. This motion of constant organic fluid movement will stay with us until the end of the session.

Through this process we will develop a deep exploration of self awareness through the body. We will slowly create a common connection of moods and energies exploring various qualities related to us, the group, the space and the universality.
This will allow us to find a freedom of connections to ourselves and the others.
This will contaminate our way of exploring movement through different angles of perceptions.

This process will reach a high pick of intensity and velocity with instinctive movement according to a playful approach of the risk and physical commitment.
A total control, domination and trust will emerge from it, connected to agility, flexibility and fast adaptation.

We will use that to give up and accept the tiredness to come back into a inner conscience refinding the floor. From this travel and moment of reconnection to our feelings will appear a personal fictional story that we will take the time to share.

About Alexis:

Alexis Jestin started his professional contemporary dance career at the age of twenty by working with the internationally known choreographer Emanuel Gat during three years.
More recently he collaborated with artists such as Yuval pick, Kevin Jean, Moritz Ostruschnjak, Irad Mazliah, Shi Pratt, Herve Robbe, Rachid Ouramdane among others…
Developing now is own body researches at the same time of his dance career which fascinates him, it’s been more than ten years now that Alexis travel the glob as professional contemporary dancer, assistant and pedagogue.

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