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Dance with me!

This class is to wake up your inner dancer!
As every child, our body response with movement to rhythm. We used to naturally dance because it feels good.
As we get older, we might have lost it because we don’t dare anymore, because we believe we don’t have coordination or sense of rhythm.
Believe me, you can dance.
Based on a very large variety of uplifting music, each routine is based on 3 or 4 basic steps that we will explore together following our own style, energy, personality and fitness level.
No technique, no dance experience required, wear what you want, join us when you feel!
Studio Mirrors are covered during this class because it’s not about how we look it’s about how we feel.
Your only goal during this class is to let your body groove and do what feels right for you.

SCHEDULE 9/2021 – 6/2022

Level Date Time Teacher
All Levels Thursday 8:00 – 8:50 AM Ms. Linh

Why this Community Classes?

To create a space in time for us to simply feel good and healthy.

How to register?

The Community classes are free for all and you can access at any time. Just drop in!

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