Students will gain a strong understanding of basic Tap steps and begin to learn combinations. Firstly, learning steps and techniques at the barre before working on across the floor combinations and center work. Students learn how to apply the basic steps they have learnt into combinations and choreography using rhythm and style. Tap students develop a strong foundation of co-ordination, musicality and posture to help them progress further as Tap dancers.

Preparatory Tap description:
A introduction to the joys of Tap dance. Students learn to their first movements of Tap, whilst exploring musicality, expression and rhythms.
Working to develop dancers co-ordination, posture, style and technique with fun exercises and combinations to great music.
Dancers wear Tap shoes which allows them to create their own music and beats.

SCHEDULE 9/2023 – 6/2024

Level 1 Tuesday 17:10 – 18:05 Ms. Leila Available
Level 2 Monday 17:10 – 18:05 Ms. Leila Available
Level 3&4 Tuesday 18:10 – 19:05 Ms. Leila Available
Level 5&6 Monday 18:10 – 19:20 Ms. Leila Available

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