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Louise Michel questions the co-habitation and resonance between the athletic and somatic body. Since 2018, she has dedicated herself to her research on bioluminescence – with video, light devices, and movement, in collaboration with sound artist Magali Babin.

She created a first project in collaboration with Ben Fury – STROKE aka SHUDDER, co-produced by Charleroi-Danses (OFFTA 2015, Palais de Tokyo, 2016, Tangente 2016, Raffinerie Charleroi- danses 2017, Théâtre National de Bruxelles 2017, festival de la cité à Lausanne 2017, Accès Culture Montréal 2018).

She has worked for 20 years as a performer between Brussels and Montreal (Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Dana Gingras, Simon Portigal, Adam Kinner, Fréderick Gravel). She divides her time between performance and her second passion, horticulture.



Saturday 01 April 2023
7:30 – 8:30 pm
40 min performance + 20 min Q&A

Free entrance.
Booking in advance.

In a low-fi performative universe with abyssal colors and iridescent surfaces, my research focuses on a bodily, sound and visual experience around bioluminescence and the need to generate one’s own light.

Some living organisms produce this light to communicate, seduce, protect themselves or even lure their prey.
I am inspired by this biological phenomenon in order to materialize and honor in each human being this intimate radiance, drowned in the blinding artifice of contemporary indifference and emptiness.

A laboratory of the senses where textures, materials, reflections and distortions create a microcosm that is both strange and welcoming, this research focuses on a universe between the intra-uterine world and the marine world that open to bursts of life, to sound signals from the past and elsewhere.

I create different paths of attention between micro and macro that offer an intimate and dreamlike vision of the world.
Attention is directed to the “subtle glows”, such as those of fireflies, contrasting with the “big spotlights” that usually squander our attention, swallow our listening and stifle our collective poetry.



Sunday 02 April 2023
9am – 1pm

320 000vnd at the door.
250 000 for early bird with payment before 31/03.
100 000vnd for artists.

This workshop aims to facilitate research into bioluminescence and the spectrum of possibilities to generate your own light. Some living organisms produce light to communicate, seduce, protect themselves or lure their prey.

We will explore how to materialize this biological phenomenon in the body and through small luminous scenographic installations in order to honour this intimate radiation individually and collectively. The intention is simple: to light ourselves from within in order to better vibrate.
How can the light produced by other objects – portable lighting devices – influence a state of presence through its colour, warmth, texture and even rhythm? To become an extension of gestures and produce a sensoriality in space? Cocoons, incandescence and glitters to be expected.

Participants are invited to bring light devices, materials, fabrics, textures, reflectors, clothing of their choice.

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