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Want to do something fun to cheer-up your co-workers?
What makes DANCE different from other fitness activities is music connection. When dancing, people can feel the rhythm at their pace and express themselves in their own way.

We all know that exercising helps us to be physically and mentally healthy.

Book your Corporate Online dance class!

Our Corporate Online Dance Class is specially designed to suit EVERYONE:
1. No dance experience required.
2. Open to all ages, shapes, and genders.
3. Wide variety of music.

What to expect?

During this 40-minute dance session, participants will experience different types of movements from a wide variety of music: Swing, Hip Hop, Salsa, Charleston, African, Pop, Samba, Rock, etc. to fit everyone’s taste!
Above all, it is pure fun!


1-8 participants : 2,500,000vnd.
>8 participants : 200,000vnd/participant.
20% of benefits will be given to Vietnam Oi Co Len Supported by the CCIFV.
Book 3 sessions and receive 10% discount.

Adult Online Dance Class

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