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Dance Theater Workshop
Snow falling on Saigon: dance-theater and autofiction

TEACHER: Quentin Chaveriat
DATE & TIME: Saturday 19 November | 4:40pm to 6:40pm

LEVEL: All levels

Regular fee: 320,000vnd.
Early bird (before 18/11): 280,000vnd.
Early bird for artist (before 18/11): 100,000vnd.

The goal of this workshop is to explore how different disciplines and theatricalities can be used to build an autofiction, a narrative of one’s own life.

Autofiction is a very delicate art. Story-telling about oneself is a difficult exercise, but the stage is offering plenty of possibilities to find the right junction between what one want to express and the adequate form to do it.

During that workshop, you will have the opportunity to work with the other participants to reconstitute sequences of your own life (whether they’re faithfully true, romanticized, or totally fake, the important is that you believe in it) and mix different media to find how to get closer to your truth. And sometimes, words cannot help, so you will have to use body language to succeed, or, why not… karaoke? You’ll of course do your best to help the other participants and jump into their own reconstitutions. The exercises will be leaded by an intrinsic reflexion: how my intimate story can talk about something wider, something in which everybody can recognize, and which is meaningful to talk about our society.

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