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ADVISE: Why uniform is important?

People often want to know why you have to wear certain clothes and shoes for dance classes. I found this explanation:

“A dress code ensures that a teacher will be able to see a dancer’s alignment and positioning. Most dance studios require students to wear a leotard and tights for ballet, sometimes requiring pink or light-colored tights in order to make the lines of the legs visible. Form-fitting dancewear is also a requirement in many jazz, hip hop, tap, acting, and modern classes.

A dress code will also teach students discipline, helping with overall focus and energy. By “dressing the part,” dancers feel like dancers. Dress codes can also create unity among the dancers instead of causing a few dancers to stand out, much like a school uniform policy. Dress codes go a long way in minimizing distractions, and help give classes a unified look.”

Starting in October – students that are unprepared for class – not wearing the proper dancewear, shoes, or hair not secured (up and off the neck), will be have to sit out and observe class.

Thank you for helping us provides the best atmosphere and learning environment possible for your children.

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