Day of Dance 20.06.2020

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A Full Day of dance and fun for all ages and levels. Dancenter will host this charity event to support UDG Vietnam’s Fund called Beyond Dancing.
Beyond Dancing raises money to help the community and this year we are focusing on the Mekong Delta to help raise money to purchase water filtration systems for clean drinkable water.
Refreshments will be provided by Nha Tien and all proceeds will also go towards Beyond Dancing.
This is the first event ever where Dancenter, UDG and Nha Tien are collaborating on, please show your support and come join in Day of Dance 2020.

This year, Dancenter, UDG Vietnam and Nha Tien are working in collaboration towards UDG’s Charity called “Beyond Dancing” and we are raising money to purchase water filtration systems for the Mekong Delta.

The customized water filter system is specially designed to obtain drinking water from contaminated water source in Tay Ninh and Ben Tre. Water source can either comes from wells, or moving waters (natural lakes, river, etc,). Samples from the village are collected and sent to Pasteur Institute for analysis. Based on the report, a system with various filters, each with distinct function (to separate solids, or toxic metals) is designed for that area. UV light treatment system is added as the last step to produce drinking water, while the by-product becomes tap water. The output can range from 400L – 1000L per hour (the equivalent of 20 – 50 plastic 20L container per hour). The output water is sent to Pasteur Institute for analysis. Only when the final product passes all national requirement for drinking water shall the system be installed at the place of choice.

The system can last for decades, with proper maintenance: on time replacements of filters, and frequent cleaning. However, the filtration system also requires “housing” – a weather-proof and elevated room, and clean water storage (to store filtered water). Beyond Dancing shall support the filtration system set-up (including construction if needed), and 1 year of filters. For the subsequent year, it would be up to the operator (usually a school/ church/ pagoda/ volunteer) to manage the system. We suggest collecting 3,000 – 5,000 VND/ 20L plastic barrel from the users, not only to encourage efficient water usage, and also to create a sense of ownership to the villagers.

The proceeds and donation collected shall be used to fund the system set up, 1 year of filters, 50 empty 20L plastic barrels (to start), all necessary tests at Pasteur Institute, and gas for volunteers. The average cost for one system is 150.000.000 VND.

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