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Inner Groove, Stretching & Strengthening


Linh first learned dance from her mother, the founder of a dance school in suburban Paris, where she began learning Ballet before discovering Jazz. A dance enthusiast, Linh continued her professional study at Centre International de la Danse Jazz in Paris, where she trained to become a Jazz dance teacher.

With almost 20 years teaching experience, Linh has been sharing her passion with a great numbers of students, among which many have continued to become professional dancers.

Since 2017, Linh happily shares her passion for dance with teen and young adults with special needs

Linh Rateau is Member of the International Dance Council/ UNESCO.

« Above all, witnessing my students gaining confidence is my best reward. Whatever your level, your age, my mission is to help you and to encourage you to achieve your personal goals. Step by step, week after week, your efforts will be rewarded by your progress. This is a magical feeling! »

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