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Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Swing Dance


Before deciding to pursue dancing career, Xoay attended the University of Physical Education and Sports and joined the National Team of Gymnastics.

The turning point for Xoay to switch to dancing was when she participated in the So You Think You Can Dance (Vietnam) season 2 and reached to the Top 4 finalists.

From 2014 to 2018, Xoay was a member of UDG. She had chances to explore a wide range of dance styles, especially Ballet and Jazz with her first dance teachers: John Huy Tran, Sabra Johnson and Linh Rateau.

Xoay used to be a teaching assistant for Hani Abaza at Summer Camp Training Art and Soul Dance Company 2018 in Canada.

Another highlight in Xoay’s learning journey was when she attended a 6-month Dance Exchange program in Korea. Within the framework of the program, Xoay learnt more about Contemporary with 12 different teachers, participated in choreographing and performing for International Dance Festivals in Seoul, Sejong and Cheoan. Xoay also spent time to learning Swing Dance here.

« Dancing is one of the ways help us understand ourselves and lead us to perfection. When you dance, you are talking to your soul, nourishing and motivating your body and soul to find the harmony. I am here with you to discover the wonderful things that dancing can bring and beautify the world through the language of dance. »
– Xoay

Kid & Teen Timetable
9/2019 – 6/2020

Lớp Cấp độ Ngày Giờ
Hip Hop Kids Preparatory Thứ 2 4:00 – 4:45 PM
Thứ 3 3:20 – 4:05 PM
Thứ 3 4:10 – 4:55 PM
Intermediate Thứ 2 4:50 – 5:45 PM
Hip Hop Teens Elementary Thứ 2 5:50 – 7:15 PM

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