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starts January 8th until June 9th, 2018

DANCENTER will open registration for the Performance Term for Kid & Teens Classes from Monday November 20th, please simply send us an email and indicate if you would like to continue with the same class (es), or if you would like to take a different or more classes.

    1. For our current parents, if you wish to continue in the Performance Term, please simply email or call and let us know by Saturday November 25th. After that date, we will open the registration to our waiting list and public.
    2. If you would like to register for more classes in this coming term, please indicate so in your email. After receiving the information from you, we will process the registration and send you an invoice.
    3. If you do not wish to continue in this coming term, please also kindly let us know so we can arrange the spot for waiting list students.

During the Performance Term, your child will continue to practice the warm up, stretching and exercises as well as learning the choreography for the show performance. Whilst working on the choreography, your child will continue to improve his/her technique. The show is always a great motivator for our students to finally correct the famous pirouette or to finally get the dream split!

Each dance class becomes a team as they have to work together, progress together with positions, partner works and formations. And above all, your child will learn how to share emotions, stories or simply to enjoy demonstrating the beautiful aesthetic of dancing movement through the choreography. With the costumes, the audience, it is magic to see our students’ happiness blooming. For many of them, it is a memory they will keep for a lifetime.

To register email us: info@ – or call (028) 35194490

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