Mini kid

Children are introduced to the structure and discipline of a ballet class, as well as music awareness and basic ballet terminology. Students begin to work on body alignment and posture as well as developing self-expression through creative movement. Children will also develop and improve listening skills, motor skills, coordination, grace, rhythm and musicality, as well as social skills.

Ballet Kids Pre Pointe Class
This class focuses on the importance of pulled up muscles, engaged core, strong feet and ankles.
All Kids Advanced Ballet students newly invited to pointe class will start the first 4 weeks with ballet soft shoes. Some students will be invited to start pointe work for this class from October, while others will still be preparing and will be expected to be placed en pointe later during the year following their progress.
To receive pointe shoes, student must have strong muscles to support their frame, proper body placement, have a concentrated work ethic and take a minimum of two ballet classes a week.


Level Day Time Teacher Status
Preparatory Tuesday 3:20 PM Ms. Mai Anh Available
Thursday 4:20 PM Ms. Mai Anh Available
Saturday 11:00 AM Ms. Xoay Available
Beginner Tuesday 4:10 PM Ms. Mai Anh Available
Thursday 3:20 PM Ms. Mai Anh Temporarily closed
Saturday 10:00 AM Ms. Xoay Available
Elementary Monday 3:45 PM Ms. Linh Available
Wednesday 4:00 PM Ms. Linh Temporarily closed
Saturday 9:00 AM Ms. Xoay Temporarily closed
Intermediate Wednesday 5:00 PM Ms. Linh Available
Advanced Monday 4:50 PM Ms. Linh Available

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