Mini kid

Students will learn basic hip-hop techniques, learning to explore levels, footwork, basic co-ordination and expression. Working to develop rhythm, performance, and technical skills through fun, up-beat exercises and choreography. Students learn how to apply basic steps and develop them into choreography adding groove and style.


Level Day Time Teacher Status
Preparatory Tuesday 3:20 PM Mr. Hieu Available
Thursday 3:15 PM Mr. Hieu Available
Beginner Tuesday 3:50 PM Mr. Minh Available
Friday 3:20 PM Mr. Quyen Temporarily closed
Elementary Monday 3:45 PM Mr. Minh Temporarily closed
Friday 4:20 PM Mr. Quyen Available
Intermediate Monday 4:45 PM Mr. Minh Available
Tuesday 4:50 PM Mr. Minh Available
Friday 5:15 PM Mr. Quyen Temporarily closed
Advanced Thursday 5:10 PM Mr. Minh Available

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