NEW Jazz Fundamental Course

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This 6-week program will introduce you to the fundamentals of body posture, flexibility understanding, motor skills awareness.

Wednesday, 9:00am – 10:30am.
Course duration: 09/11 – 14/12/2022.
*Register before 05/11 to get 10% early bird discount.

Each week, you will work through exercises to develop knowledge, technique to express yourself through the medium of jazz dancing.

This course is an introduction to the form for absolute beginner; or for experienced dancers, a welcomed space to organize the body and refine your practice.

Designed and taught by Ms Nhung, a Dancenter experienced dance teacher dedicated to bringing confidence to her students.

Teacher Vo Hong Nhung:

The most important things for me when I am dancing is joy and freedom. For that reason I want to create an environment where my students are able to find and develop their love for dance. That love will help them to be free to discover their instinctive dance skill.

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