Enhancing your knowledge by learning new cultural approach is possible for serious- and open-minded dancers.

Dancenter has accompanied artists to study abroad through paid or scholarship program by creating opportunities and/or collaboration and/or preparation.


UDG dancers
No Borders program directed by Vangelis, Malaysia

The international interdisciplinary no borders project aims to bring together artists and non-artists who focus their work and practice in dance & movement, music & sound, photography & film, conceptual arts & philosophy. With an interdisciplinary and collective context we will create an environment of/for free expression and creation. The collaborators-participants will focus on channeling their creativity and emotions to create new collective productions.


Pham Ngoc Anh
Dance Exchange program hosted by Seoul Section of the International Dance Council CID UNESCO

Organized as a part of Cultural Partnership Initiative 2019 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Korea (MCST) and Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE), is a residency program designed to promote the international exchange and collaborative creation among the dancers & choreographers from different cultural backgrounds.

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