From short to long term residence, Dancenter has welcome choreographers from the 4 corners of the world.
Most of the residence witness creation birth for performance(s) in Vietnam or abroad.
Throughout the year, professional artists can approach Dancenter for residency requests. These residences include rehearsal studio space, possible technical support, optional creative process follow up.
Dancenter seeks a resonance of the work of artists supported Thus, an artist accompanied within the framework of a residence could be invited to teach with the students of the school or to propose a workshop for amateurs/Professional or to participate in an artistic and cultural education when these different activities have a meaning with the nature of the artist’s work.


Professional dance company directed by John Huy Tran Year
Until now

Chi Nguyen

Choreographer Jasmine project supported by the Goethe Institute

Sunyoung Grace Lim

Choreographer Survival Machine project performed at The 5th Goyang International Dance Festival
2018 – 2021

Kim Sanh Chau

Choreographer Kaleidoscope project (2018), Bleu Neon (2019)

Sabra Johnson

Choreographer, Eva project supported by Dancenter (2019)

International Dance Workshops

According to Institution partnerships, choreographers traveling journey or network connection, we are honored to welcome international choreographers to share their craft with dance Vietnam community.

Anne Nguyen

Hip Hop Choreographer and director of Compagnie par Terre (France)
2016 & 2019

Alexi Jestin

Contemporary Choreographer (France)

Daniel Stryjecki

Contemporary Choreographer and director of of 3for1 Trinity Concerts (Poland)

Hani Habazza

Contemporary Choreographer (Canada)
2013 & 2018

Emmanuelle Huynh

Contemporary Choreographer (France)

Marie Mougeolle

Contemporary Choreographer (Canada)

Mylene Rioux

Contemporary Choreographer (France)

Nadav Zelner

Contemporary Choreographer (Israel)

If you are interested please contact us with your full description project including your budget.

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