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Le Minh Hieu, our very own UDG dancer and teaching assistant, recently returned from the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires 2018 with a Gold Medal!
What benefits has dancing given to you?
Everything. Music and dance have not only helped me overcome the difficulties in my life, but have also led me to go abroad through competitions and meet and create friendships with international dancers. This passion also allows me support myself financially.
But the most important thing for me is that I can be myself when dancing.

What is your best memory about the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires?
It is certainly the moment when I stepped onto the highest podium to receive a gold medal. I was the only Vietnamese candidate in that field.
I didn’t think I could go that far because in the solo round, my ranking was not high. However, in the mixed team event, I was lucky to have a teammate who was very confident and helped me.

Dancenter students are also in their intensive training course for the International Dance Competition in Bangkok at the end of January 2019. How would you like to encourage them?

I encourage all of them to join the competition with a spirit of learning and having fun. When standing on stage you will understand and know how to express your own efforts.

Do not be afraid of anyone! Do not look at other dancers’ great performances and fear, but feel confident that your performance will also receive a great response from your audience.

What is your intention in the near future?
I will continue to work hard to make money, participate in world staged competitions to improve myself and learn more. Last but not least I always want to be a teacher at Dancenter!

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