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We work hard to ensure that our students could have the joy of being on stage. Take a moment to hear what they said about the show…

Share with us your favourite dance show memory :
“My favourite dance show memory was when I was about to miss the show! My parents had to go for a fair with me but we could not just say no because we already booked the flights. My mom changed the flights came for the fair after the show and I was still dancing on stage with a big audience including my dad, since my mom was helping back stage.”

What are you most excited about for the next show?
“I am very excited about the show, that I am there to show why I am a dancer, plus this year is going to be last year in Vietnam. That can also mean I will show Germany why I dance, how I dance and what made me dance.”

Name : Ana – Dancenter Member since 2011

Share with us your favourite dance show memory :
“I like my Hip Hop and Jazz dance from my last show, the dances were fast and I like the music.”

What are you most excited about for the next show?
“This year I will do 4 dances on stage, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz and Ballet. 
I’m not worried, just excited!”

Name : Cesaree – A Dancenter Member since 2015

Share with us your favourite dance show memory :
It was last year when I was dancing with all the stage lighting effects, it was so beautiful.

What are you most excited about for the next show?
It’s my ballet show because I like the dance, the costume, and the music

Name : Carmen

Share with us your favorite dance show memory :
It’s very difficult because there are so many different and great memories. In general 2 things :
– UDG group always surprise me by the progress and improvement they make (helped by John or Sabra of course)
– then the teachers and good students dance in 2014 by Miss Rosie. Show inspiration from 2013 was ‘The Clown’, I loved the music, the movements, the sharing of feelings and the craziness of John Huy Tran! The 2004 show was Minh’s contemporary, Minh is one person I come to dance with in DC because he inspires me the most.

What are you most excited about for the next show?
Now I can’t wait to dance in the next one because I love this journey from beginning of each year till the stage! The joy to feel something I discover about myself each time , be able to dance!

Name : Nadege – A Dancenter Member since 2007

Share with us your favourite dance show memory :
“I’ve experienced Dancenter’s show twice, so they’re both my most precious and favourite dance show memories!
In 2016, Right after I came to Vietnam, I performed in the show without any knowledge. Linh is a great teacher and she was always so encouraging me. In this show, I saw other dancers, UDG and Teens, and felt really proud to be able to perform on the same stage as them. In 2017, I met 2 great teachers John and Lauriane, and I challenged to perform 4 dances. It was so much fun and was such a wonderful experience. Once it was over, I wanted to perform them again! And I was surrounded by lots of irreplaceable friends through Dancenter, and this makes me happier than anything else.”

What are you most excited about for the next show?
“I’m going to try tap dancing for the first time ever. Leila’s tap dancing is bright and fun filled, so it makes the audience feel happy too. I’m very excited to be able to take part in this! I’m hoping I’ll be able to have composure and dance while enjoying it this third time round. I am so proud and thankful to be able to dance with people of different nationalities and age groups here in Vietnam, so I hope to be able to express these feelings on stage.”

Name : Aki

Share with us your favourite dance show memory :
“It’s not so much that there is one specific moment which is wonderful – the whole experience of our dance shows from year to year has been wonderful. The whole process of a show, from practice and costume-fitting, to students helping each other and finally performing on the stage, is a unique time of fun and growth. After the show I can enjoy the video or photos, and the excitement continues!”

What are you most excited about for the next show?
“In 2018 I’m looking forward to performing in another great show that will inspire more people to come to Dancenter and share the joy of dance!”

Name : Myoung

Share with us your favourite dance show memory :
“I began dancing last year, so that was the first show I ever did. I had never danced before even when I was young, as I am from a very big family and we didn’t have a lot of money. Before I had thought it was too late to start dancing, however after I saw the Dancenter show two years ago it made me change my mind, and I wanted to be part of this adventure! Ballet was the class which fit my schedule, so I started with Ballet, however I would like to join Jazz and Hip Hop too as I am attracted to the type of music in these styles. My first show last year was a really big step for me. One week before the rehearsal I made many mistakes in class. But finally, I succeeded and I made it. I was very proud of myself, especially because as an adult we are not usually in this kind of situation. It’s kids and students who work to pass exams but for us adults we are already finished. So it was a big challenge and I was very proud. I was also very happy to share this moment with my children who all dance. And with my school students. It was a moment of communion and deep emotions.”

What are you most excited about for the next show?
“This year, I don’t feel that confident in myself, I don’t feel so
feminie, sexy and energetic on the dancefloor as I would like to be. I need a second life to be a dancer! But dance became one half of my life. It ‘s more than a pleasure or a hobby : it gives more value to my life. Also because I share this with the people I love : my children and my husband who is a musician and singer ; also my teachers of DC who, little by little, become friends. I am very grateful for all the teachers of Dancenter who I have come to know : Linh, Leila, Sabra, Lauriane, Minh. They are important people for my family. They helped me to open this new horizon. It’s like a door you think was closed and finally you discover you can open it. Thank you Dancenter!”

Name : Sara

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