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This one day intensive is to welcome our students back to the studio and reignite their passion for dancing! They will have the chance to spend the day taking a whole variety of classes from our wonderful teachers. Intermediate to Advanced levels will be grouped together so our students will meet old and new friends.

There will be 2 Sessions offered with four classes each. All classes are 45 minutes dedicated to a fun choreography in the style of the teacher. Keep in mind that each Session is organized for the students to enjoy something familiar as well as something new. At the end of each Session, all classes will showcase what they learned. Parents are invited to come to this Showcase and see their young dancer. Don’t miss Dancenter’s first ever THE BEAT!

Sunday 20th Febuary 2022
Morning session: 9am – 1pm;
Afternoon session: 2pm – 6pm

OR 3,300,000vnd/whole day

Kids: Intermediate – Advanced
Teens: Intermediate – Advanced+



Time Class Studio
9:00am Lyrical Studio D
10:00am Duet Studio D
10:50am Breaking Studio D
11:40am Contemporary Studio D
12:40pm SHOWCASE Studio A


Time Class Studio
2:00pm Ballet Studio A
3:00pm Breaking Studio A
3:50pm Theater Studio A
4:40pm Jazz Studio A
5:40pm SHOWCASE Studio A


Time Class Studio
9:00am Contemporary Studio A
10:00am Contemp Hip Hop Studio A
10:50am Ballet Studio A
11:40am Lyrical Studio A
12:40pm SHOWCASE Studio A


Time Class Studio
2:00pm Breaking Studio D
3:00pm Jazz Studio D
3:50pm Duet Studio D
4:40pm Theater Studio D
5:30pm SHOWCASE Studio A

Ballet is the classical of dancing and a foundation of Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary. Join Ms. Sabra for some basic technique to polish all your favorite moves.

Contemporary is an interpretive dance and is influenced from ALL STYLES encouraging you to really find your own dynamic. Bring everything you know to this class. Ms. Xoay is going to lead you in some curious and creative movement.

Lyrical is a dance strongly displaying an emotional mood and emphasizing on a song’s lyrics.  Typically smooth and elegant, it borrows from Ballet and Jazz. Join Ms. Alexa for her well known specialty!

Duet is a class for you to explore partnering!   Most likely new to you, Ms. Xoay and Ms. Sabra will teach you the basics through a fun choreography.

Breaking is an athletic style of street dance.  It is high energy mixing footwork, power moves, and freezes!  Mr. Hieu is going to introduce you to one of the most exciting and challenging dances of all times.

Musical Theater Dance is rooted in Broadway Musicals.  It is storytelling at its most entertaining incorporating Dance, Acting, and Singing.  Bring your craziest self to this class! Ms. Alexa OR Ms. Sabra will be teaching you the moves!

Jazz is made especially for the stage and has many influences going all the way back to TAP!  Take this unique class with Ms. Xoay OR MS. Alexa who will give you an exciting and new perspective on Jazz.

Contemp Hip Hop is a very recent and new form of advancement in the hip hop genre. Mr Minh will guide you to create an emotional connection through your movements.

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