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Dancenter is delighted to share with you that our former student Zoe will be performing in the International Musical Production of Disney’s “Frozen” in Singapore!
Zoe and her family are now living in Singapore, and her mother Stacy (who many of you know as a dancer too!) shared with us how truly special it is to be a dance mum!

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Why do we pay for dance lessons for our daughter?

The answer may be different than you think. Many parents put their children in dance classes when they are young for a variety of reasons, entertainment after school, exercise, or maybe itʼs just to get those cute photos in a tutu. These are all good reasons, but Iʼd like to point out the benefits of proper dance training and how it is preparing our daughter for success in life.
Similar to intense training in sports, dance trains the mind and the body. Dance is one of the few physical practices where you must use both sides of your brain.
One must remember all the choreography, be physically strong to lift leaps high in the air, count in their mind to keep the timing, and at the same time they must connect emotionally to the music! It takes years of training to master it. This is why training and rehearsals are so important. Just like any athlete, training from an early age creates extensive benefits!

Our daughter Zoe is learning how to work hard to achieve her goals, she has to face the disappointment of not being able to do an exercise and learns that through lots of practice she can. She learns that it takes hours and hours of practice to achieve what she wants.
She learns she has to take care of her body and eat healthy. She knows that if she dances after a sugary meal of chocolate pancakes she will be tired and heavy and wonʼt feel strong enough to dance.

Our daughter learns to be a good friend by learning to work as a team by staying at the pace of her teammates. They learn floor spacing on stage and how not to whack or kick their friends when they dance. She learns empathy for others when someone gets injured and she has to adjust choreography to support the other dancers.
Dance teaches how to listen, connect and emote through music and thought. It creates storytellers who can communicate without words. It is empowering to know you can share something special without language.
This is wonderful as we donʼt always speak the same languages. She learns to spend her time away from a screen.
When she is bored she practices spins around the living room or cartwheels down the hall instead of searching for the remote control.

Self-confidence is not something that parents can give or teach. Children learn it through accomplishments. My son was bragging to my daughter that he was able to move to a higher level in a video game. She just looked at him, shrugged and said “So what? I can do a backbend!”
Lastly, in our family Iʼm so pleased because dance is something that we both share. My daughter sees me practice hard and it makes her try hard. She likes to show me what sheʼs learned. We had a big dance show on the stage together and we got to experience all the excitement of quick costume changes, audience and performance together.
We will miss Saigon for many reasons but definitely the thing we will miss the most will be dancing at Dancenter Saigon! I hope dance continues to be a part of both of our lives!

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